In an era where technology and pandemic collide, every second person has been forced to work remotely from home. Many have made their bedroom into their home office. Many have transformed their living room into a gym.

It is essential to make some modifications and create the best workspace in your home.

You might be one of those people who is working remotely and not getting productivity due to subpar remote work arrangements.

Every person has their preferred working style: some wish to work in offices, some want to work in parks, and some want to work at home.

Remote Workspace
Remote Workspace

You might experience many distractions while working remotely.

It is crucial to create an effective remote work setup at home for overcoming these types of distractions. You must remove your outdated remote work setup from your home and create a new one.

Do you need help in organizing your home for remote work in a way that allows you to be productive and effective?

No worries, I’m here to help you set up your home for remote work.

Creating Workspace For Remote Work

Your first step should always be to rearrange your workspace, where you will feel comfortable enough to work productively without any distractions.

It depends on your size of home and the number of rooms you have in your home.

The size of the rooms varies from person to person. Many people have a large living room and a small bedroom, while others have only one room.  

Let’s dig and deep to figure out the best place for working remotely.

1.     Separate Room For Remote Work

The first option is for those who can arrange a separate room. If you have a separate room, it will be much easier to work remotely.

You have to design and rearrange your room into your office room. Go for it, if you have the space to convert one of your rooms into a work office. It will be a much more practical option for you.

2.     Living Room For Remote Work

The second option is your living room. In cases where you cannot afford a separate workspace and can only afford a workspace in your living room, you must be very selective. You have to figure out which side of your living room will give you a productive atmosphere along with less distraction.

Living Room For Remote Work

The best part of this arrangement is your space for resting and sleeping doesn’t conflict with your workspace.

Although there are several reasons you may feel distracted and unproductive, the use of a suitable office, design, furniture, and tools can make you more productive.  

It will be better for you to create a separate partition with the help of curtains.

3.    Bedroom For Remote Work

Are you the one of those people who doesn’t have an option of a separate room or living room for setting up a productive workspace?

You can also improve productivity by suitably rearranging your room. You can have a good workspace by rearranging your furniture.

If you are going to use your bedroom for the workplace, ensure that your workspace will get enough daylight than your bed. In case your mattress is getting sunlight, move your desk furniture so it receives adequate sunlight. 

By hanging curtains between your bed and your workspace, you can avoid distractions and increase your focus while working.

Try to move your bed to one corner of the room and separate it with the help of curtains.

Workspace for Bedroom

“One huge advantage for working remotely is you can have many options for setting up your workplace where you are comfortable or where you think you can be much more productive.”

Choosing the Best Furniture for Your Workspace

Once you are confident about your workspace, the second option should be your furniture for the workspace. You must have suitable and creative furniture. After all It is a basic need of every workspace.

Desk and chair are necessary for the workplace, but you shouldn’t overlook some little things when it comes to furniture. You must need storage elements because having storage sections you can store important stuff for your workspace.

NOTE; If you don’t have a budget, you don’t need to buy new furniture. Simply repurpose your old office furniture.

Create Space To Move Around

Working a lot is not good. It would be good enough if you had a comfortable and productive workspace.

If you want to be effective, you should take rest for at least 5 to 10 minutes to reboot your mind. For that case, you will need some space to feel comfortable.

Many people avoid creating a space for moving around or standing, but you need a space to stand up, move here and there, or take a few steps.

Setup Suitable Lights

If you’re regularly and continuously working in front of a laptop, it can damage your eyes, especially in a dark workspace.

It would be good enough if you did not overlook lights. Instead of natural light, you should use hanging lamps and table lamps for your workplace.

Ensure that the lights should be soft, neutral and cold enough for your eyes.

Keep Some Life Such As (Plants)

Consider putting some small plants in the room where you are going to create your workspace. You could use either your living room or bedroom for this purpose.

Placing plants around your workspace can improve your air quality, increase productivity, creativity, decrease your stress, and give you positivity.

Rather, it will keep you from getting sick while working continuously.

It will also make your workspace presentable and attentive.

Recommendation: Keep a plant on your work desk.

Make sure your plants get enough water and sunlight to thrive.

Setting up the system

Above all, you will need a system from where you can work and connect to your manager and colleagues.

A system might consist of your laptop, personal computer, or even some paper notebooks. It is important to make sure to organize these systems ergonomically, so whenever you need them, you can easily access them.

Time is the most precious resource of every individual, so if you want to be efficient, you should have the right tools to help you work productively in limited amount of time. Evaluate your situation and decide how you want to integrate these tools into your life.

Organize your cables

Organize everything around your workspace, organize wires under the work desk.

Try to update your tools with a wireless mouse, printer, keyboard and other devices.

Use clips to tie all remaining cables and wires so that you can’t get distracted due to messy cables.

Make It Clean And Simple

To create a better workflow, having a clean and clear workspace is the first step to getting productivity.

It can help you to increase your focus and keep you working with consistency.

So, always clean your workspace and make it simple and clutter-free.

Once your workspace is clear, it will be easy for you to maintain and be motivated.


Arranging your workspace is an easy task. All you need is some creativity.

Identify the space where you will be most productive and where you will find a chair and a desk that are appropriate and easy to use.

Instead, you should divide your living from your workspace. Curtains or clothes can be used as dividers.

Ensure that there is space to move and stand so that you won’t get tired.

For a sense of relaxation and stresslessness, it would be best to put some plants in the room.

Make your workspace presentable and clear and keep it clean.

Do you have any tips and tricks for working remotely?