Working remotely has become common due to fast changing environment. Now, the professionals have left their traditional offices at a side, and they feel comfort and ease at working from their homes. The pandemic of COVID-19 has forced many organizations to adopt the strategy of remote working and technology has played an important role in this regard. Now the organizations all over the world want more skilled and productive output from their employees rather than focusing on their locations.

A few years ago, remote working was not so common, and employees were paid minimum wage for this. Now, the trend has been changed and professionals choose to work from home. Working from home not only combines professionals from different remote areas in one organization but it also gives many benefits to professionals such as.

  • Designing your own working environment
  • Setting your own hours for work for better time management
  • Getting rid of travelling
  • The benefit of having more time for personal life
  • No stress and more comfort

Technology has made it possible to work from home and get the same output from professionals as done in traditional offices. Technology has made available many tools for remote workers. But choosing the right tools and implementing these tools in for remote workers for getting most productive output is now become a concern for many organizations.

Hundreds of remote tools are available for workers to work from home at their ease. Here are listed 5 best tools for remote workers.

1. Desktop and Laptops

One of the best remote tools available for remote workers is having a laptop or setting a desktop in their homes. Having the right model of desktop or laptop at home will give you the ease to do your best as a remote worker. Both remote tools include a wide range of features such as webcams, audio and video, touch screen, file sharing, group chat, presentations and doing writing tasks. Making and receiving calls on a desktop or laptop is also possible.

Microsoft Team and HP business class workstation offer many models for both desktops and laptops. Now a day, the laptop and desktops have many teams’ software options for remote workers that have powerful features which includes multiple USB slots, card readers and optical disk drivers. These remote tools have made work from home easy as many of the team software tools available for bot desktop and laptop version. To work from home, a laptop is must as we can carry it anywhere and work from anywhere at any time.

2. Smartphones/Cellphones

Smartphones has become a necessity for people around the world. Not surprisingly, a smartphone being a single device, has multiple functionalities for daily life as listening music, online shopping, booking restaurants or tickets, playing games, watching videos, getting news updates, emails, texts, social media platforms and many more. This small device can easily be turned into a virtual desk phone to work from home.

A smartphone when turned into a virtual desk phone deliver the same features as available in desktop or laptops. It saves cost and time for both employees and organizations having chat tools and call features. For better communication with the remote workers and keeping them update with the organizational task, the smartphone act as a best remote tool. Many mobile tools are available for remote workers which include cloud base communication, project management, accounting, document sharing and marketing. Mobile Apps of desktop or laptop version also help a lot is remote working while using smartphones.

3. Google Drive

Although desktops, laptops and mobile phones offer many features to work from home, the best tool for remote workers is the development of team software’s/Apps that making their work easily. Google drive is one the best tools for large files that cannot be share using email or data sharing tools on laptop or smartphones. Google drive offers real time sharing of data and information for projects that can access and manage with great ease.

Google drive has many options like part of sharing, space management, permission, and privacy policy. Files can be edited, created and sort easily using this tool.

4. Video Conferencing

The most suitable remote tools for workers to work from home and join them on a single platform for project discussion are through video conferencing. Many team software tools are available for both desktop and mobile to offer video conferencing feature like zoom, skype, Imo, google space, team viewer and many more for online and virtual meetings.

Zoom and Skype are mostly used for video conferencing for remote workers as they offer many powerful features as screen sharing, audio and video, time management, recording and chats. Video conferencing are very helpful especially for remote workers as it saves time, cost, the stress of travelling, seeing the facial expression and hand gesture of team members. It is great way of connecting and remaining in touch with workers and announcing the project details in a single discussion by combining workers from different remote areas at a single place.

5. Chat Rooms

Although, video conferencing is best tool to collaborate with workers for large project discussions but for small announcements to workers group chats are best. There are any chat tools which include Slack, Whats App, Google chat rooms, team viewer and many others that benefit workers in many ways. Group chats are helpful when sending a single message to all members at one time or announcing time of meetings. The chat tools are also helpful to remind employees of their task, a quick replay to someone’s query or conveying a notification about news or discussions.

Chat tools also offer many other features like files sharing, voice note, video sharing, commenting, likes, ifs and pictures sharing. These chat tools are helpful for day-to-day conversation with remote workers to keep them updated with daily work progress and keep track of performance.

All the above-mentioned remote tools are helpful to work from home and making life easy. Last but not the least; the high-speed internet is also one of best tool to be available 24/7 hours for smoothly working of the above-mentioned remote tools. To get the best productive results from remote employees it is necessary to remain connecting with them and these tools help in this regard by offering many features.