Traveling by train and exploring different places can be fun and enjoyable while experiencing the beautiful views from your window. You can book the train tickets in advance to get some discounts. The itinerary should be well planned to cover many places in a few days.

Observing the views while sitting back in your seat is perfect. You can experience the premium dine-in facilities and sleepover arrangements. So, let’s explore the 5 best once in a lifetime train vacations that you can book.

5 Once in a Lifetime Train Vacations

1.    Canada & USA Lifetime Rail Tour

You can choose among the 3 iconic routes: Cascades and Lake Shore Ltd, VIA Rail, and Empire Builder. Explore the famous and eye-catching landmarks and views. The trip will start from Chicago and en route to the Pacific Northwest glaciers.

The journey will be completed in 11-days. You can book the trip through online travel agents or agencies. A guide can be hired to get a better understanding of various destinations. The journey will cover the outskirts of the Canadian Rockies.

2.    Northern Rail Breathtaking Experience

On this journey, you can view the beautiful views of serene water located in the coastal Pacific. The journey will begin from Chicago, followed by San Francisco. Seattle will be a stoppage between journeys to get some rest and enjoy the snacks.

It’s a perfect place to hop on and enjoy sightseeing and more. Muir Woods and the amazing Sausalito are perfect places to spend some quality time with your loved ones. In North America, this is the best rail experience heading towards the windy city of the country.

The bookings and dates can be decided as per the availability and weather. Choose pleasant weather duration when there is not too much hot or cold.

3.    Rail Trip Covering Niagara Falls, New York City, And Washington

This is one of the most preferred and enjoyable journeys among the top 5 train experiences. The best views can be enjoyed while covering Niagara Falls. Enjoy the stop at the Noguchi Museum and capture some memories in front of the White House.

From Niagara Falls, you will move forward to the beautiful New York City and Washington. Museum, memorials and garden parks can be the stoppage for trips. You can extend the trip timings and spend up to 3 or 4 days to cover all the spaces.

It will be indeed an unforgettable experience. The Niagara Falls are 167 feet high and offer a mesmerizing view.

4.    Night Rails At Switzerland

Two days will be enough to explore this beautiful place and catch the views of a pleasant environment. You can stay onboard the Bernina Express Train or enjoy the glacier trips. The glacier’s view is the most eye-catching view during the trip. It is a dream of many train lovers to board this 11 days complete thrilling journey.

High mountains and deep blue rivers are mesmerizing and beautiful. Although you will get proper meals during the trip, it is good to keep some snacks and water bottles for energy.

It would be helpful if you also brought along a first aid kit to tackle the situation in any emergency. You should know how to give basic treatment to the injured before reaching the hospital.

5.    Canadian Coastline To Eastbound Coast Trip

This epic rail experience covers the most beautiful and mesmerizing views from the top. The cold weather of Canada is always praised by travelers and visited by thousands of travelers. Coastlines have many beautiful views of mountains with pleasant weather.

It will be a complete 3-day trip that can be well organized, and bookings can be made in advance at restaurants where you will stop in between the entire trip.

The 5 Best Once in a Lifetime Train Vacations to Experience

Tips For Safe Travel

Here are a few things you should remember to ensure a safe rail trip. Keeping security a priority while traveling with families on a rail trip is necessary.

  • You should book the confirmed reservations in advance to avoid the last-minute hassle.
  • Get some good discounts by booking 2 months prior to the traveling date.
  • Check out the places you will be covering and decide whether it is good to travel as per your interest.

By following these little suggestions, you can make your trip exciting and joyful. Train trips are always adventurous as well as memorable.

Make The Most Of Your Trip

Your trip can be enjoyed completely while exploring these best rail trips across the world. You can search for the best train trips and select the most reasonable and feasible one as per your budget.